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Brand Tuowei
Number of Employees 100
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Company Profile

Shandong Tuowei CNC Equipment Co., Ltd, located in the beautiful Spring City - Jinan, is a well-known domestic metal plate processing equipment manufacturer. 

The company is mainly engaged in design and manufacture numerical control equipment of mechanical and electrical integration, function compound and multi-use. Since its foundation, the company closely followed the international new technologies, continuously innovated and improved R&D and manufacturing capabilities. The company's CNC machinery and CNC sheet processing equipment products are widely used in various industries such as global automobile transportation, electric power, intelligent three-dimensional garages, bridge formwork steel structures, petroleum machinery, chemical machinery, textile machinery and pressure vessels. Many products have applied for national patents and won several national patent awards. These awards not only represent the leadership of Shandong Tuowei CNC technology, but also fill the gap in China's medium-thickness plate processing and greatly improve the industrial equipment capabilities.


The company's Main categories Ironworker PunchHydraulic PunchPlate Punching MachineHydraulic Punch Press,Punch Tool.main products include COMP series CNC plate punching machien, COMPC series CNC punching and cutting compound machine, intelligent three-dimensional garage side beam production line, COMPKC series CNC punching production line, COMPUT numerical control U-shaped longitudinal beam three-side punching production line, automobile longitudinal beam CNC plasma cutting production line pressure Machine-assisted automation equipment. In order to ensure the reliability and stability of the equipment, all major components selected for the company's products are imported. After-sales service can use remote diagnosis, network connection to solve electrical faults, more convenient use of products and after-sales service.


In addition to the above products, according to customer requirements, our company can also design and manufacture all kinds of special CNC equipment and automatic assembly production lines. Strong technical force, more than 90% technicians have a bachelor degree or above, with the charge of design, production, installation and commissioning of CNC machine equipment and production line experience, is an excellent engineering machinery and technical personnel.

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